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New Look of AGP

AGP (African Global Pharma) is proud to unveil its new brand and look.

We have been working hard to ensure that the values and AGP Cares Philosophy, that we so dearly adhere to, are reflected in the face of the company.  AGP is a dynamic and progressive company committed to improving the lives of those in need in Africa and specifically Western Africa. We feel that we have captured that message in a clear, modern and vibrant new website –

Please take a minute to visit and let us know what you think.

We appreciate your interest in AGP, and specifically in improving healthcare for those in Africa. In 2013, Goldman Sachs declared Africa as “the place to invest,” according to their Fortnightly Thoughts research report issued earlier this year. But, we need people willing to invest time, effort and money to truly impact change.

We are optimistic about the progress that can be made in this nation. This indeed could be Africa’s decade, but we need the commitment of those around the world. We have seen strong support from China and India on the capital landscape, but now we need the West to follow suit. And we are confident that they will do just that, once they see the potential that awaits.

AGP is continuing its tradition of leading this change by example. It would have been easy for us to set up our manufacturing plant in a larger city, such as Accra (the capital city of Ghana), but we wanted to be able to reach even the most remote parts of Ghana and Africa, not just the major cities, so we built our manufacturing headquarters in Sunyani, Ghana.

And, we continue to see positive results through our relationship with the Sunyani Roman Catholic Diocese, and once the Church sets up a University in Sunyani, we expect to see even greater changes. We are committed to ensuring that the best minds have a chance to attend this university and will strive to support this university through the development of labs and a scholarship program for those looking to go into the pharmaceutical sector.

So much is happening with AGP, and in Africa, that we will continue to be a conduit for all the health news as we move forward. We invite you to join us on this journey and look forward to continuing a relationship with you as we all become part of the change.


Davor Milardovic

Director, AGP

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