FDA wants Ghanaian pharmaceuticals to be WHO compliant

AGP - African Global PharmaThe FDA has asked the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Ghana to devise an action plan that would see its members become WHO compliant.  A very important first step towards creating a culture of compliance, standards and uniformity in the region.  The Ghana pharmaceutical landscape is a success story in Western Africa where overall quality from local manufacturers already rivals the imports from abroad.  We at AGP applaud the moves of the FDA and this will only add value and returns for the local manufacturers who choose to embrace this path.  We at AGP are proud of our commitment to quality, we work well within the framework of the local regulators who in turn are vigilant on the nations behalf (as can be seen in the recent scandal involving the FDA and a manufacturer who was importing low quality drugs).  We know the quality coming from Ghana negates the usual perceptions of African manufacturing…in due time the rest of the world will see the reality…



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