AGP has a current partnership with the Roman Catholic Church to help expand the access of essential medicines to more rural and remote parts of the country.

Catholic Diocese of SunyaniRural Community-Based Dispensary of Essential Medicines Program by The Roman Catholic Diocesan Health Service.

Through our words, prayers and deeds we must show solidarity and compassion to the sick as every person has a fundamental necessity to the right to life. Society has an enduring moral responsibility to pursue economic justice that serves the people especially, the magnitude at which society treats the most vulnerable members with the poor requiring the utmost pressing needs on our conscience. This then become the precept of the Lord our God, which remain undoubtedly a virtue of gratuity leading to the unity of humankind. The church holds the view that love for the sick and the needy are essential as the ministry of the sacraments and preaching of the Gospel. This kind of privileged option for the vulnerable includes all who are marginalized, the terminally ill who have become victims of injustice. Further, the Church believes that human sanctity needs preservation and society in general bears an obligation in maintaining the dignity of human beings.

The Church has recognized that health is an important element of human existence and therefore, the church has even greater commitment to partner political and influential members of our governments and society with the view to achieve a fundamental objective of social justice as a means of reawaken the spiritual energy without which social justices cannot prevail and prosper.
It is with this background and obligation on the part of the Church that the Diocesan Health Services Pharmacy of Sunyani that was originally established to assist the communities with their health needs have now partnered with African Global Pharma Limited to exclusively distribute quality affordable and accessible drugs to the Catholic Mission Hospitals of Ghana to help build a healthier and happier life for the communities we serve.

Most Rt. Rev Matthew Kwasi Gyamfi 
The Bishop of Catholic Diocese of Sunyani 

Here is a list of other outstanding relationships we maintain throughout the community and the world.

Food and Drug Authority of Ghana Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Ghana
The Vatican Pharmacy Council of Ghana
WHO – World Health Organization MOH – Ministry of Health Ghana
CDS – Catholic Diocese of Sunyani GIPC – Ghana Investment Promotion Council