AGP Cares about the quality of their products and has assembled a team of true professionals who are committed to the AGP Cares philosophy. Since 2009, they have worked diligently to create the best portfolio of medicines and healthcare products for the people of Ghana.

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    AGP - Supplying Anti-Malarial medication to the world

AGP has earned its reputation as a trusted supplier of value-added advanced generic products. Based on our low overhead corporate model and with the addition of new capacities and products we have set the tone for robust future growth. We are one of the few global companies to provide custom pharmaceutical manufacturing services and it is no surprise that we are also emerging as a key partner of choice for governments and health organizations worldwide.

African Global Pharma is confident that our advanced production infrastructure can produce – on demand – a wide range of pharmaceutical products. These products are all manufactured to the highest of industry standards.


We have an experienced team of professionals with proven track records that have built a strong profitable base and infrastructure for generic business in Western Africa.
Product formulations manufactured and sold by AGP include solid oral dosage, soft gelatin capsules, modified release tablets, transdermals, creams, ointments and injectables.


AGP currently is growing its OTC portfolio that helps promote a healthy lifestyle.
The products span four major categories: OTC medicines, food supplements, medical devices and cosmetics.
Our OTC strategy centers around comprehensive solutions based on unique target market segmentation and value added properties such as taste and delivery form.
OTC products are commonly found in regular households, such as painkillers, anti-histamines and ointment.

For details on any of the products we are able to produce, please contact us.